Charitable Giving Process

Charity Committee

The committee consists of three current OPUS members in good standing.  Their role is to investigate and determine appropriate charitable organizations for OPUS to support.  This will consist of financial donations from the OPUS Fund as well as volunteer service opportunities.

The goal for the committee is to appropriately donate the entire balance of the OPUS Fund by the end of each year and to put together a minimum of 2 service activities for the members per year.

Charity Contest

All members of OPUS who are in compliance with OPUS’s attendance policy are eligible to participate in a competition by which the winning member will be eligible to donate OPUS funds to a non-profit organization of the member’s choice.

The competition will be on a quarterly basis (commencing January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1). Each quarter, the member with the most points for the preceding three month period shall select a non-profit organization to donate to.

Points shall be allocated as follows:

  • 20 points for perfect attendance (with no subs)
  • 7 points for participating in an OPUS sponsored service activity
  • 5 points for a new referred member joining OPUS
  • 5 points for a one-on-one meeting with a new member within 3 months of them joining OPUS
  • 3 points for bringing a guest
  • 2 points for a one-on-one meeting with another member of OPUS
  • 1 point for a referral
  • Negative 3 points for an absence without a substitute

The amount of money the winning member will be able to contribute to the non-profit organization of his or her choice is 10% of the then existing balance of the OPUS Fund as of the date of the end of the contest, or such other amount as shall be determined by a vote of the majority of the members of OPUS.